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  Hydraulic Ironworker
  HIW40-60 Hydraulic Ironworker
  H-45K, H-60K Automatic Ironworker
  Hydraulic Punching Machine
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     Jingjiang Gelinte Metalforming Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd has specialized in manufacturing
series hydraulic ironworkers including single- cylinder ironworkers and dual- cylinder ironworkers. Our ironworker is under the control of European produce standards.
      We are located in a modernized port city with bloomy economy¡ªJingjiang, the world-famous bridge, Jiangyin Yangtze Bridge crosses the river. Our city is near to Shanghai city, about two hours drive, and borders on Wuxi city, so it is very convenient in transportation of land or water.
      Our company has some experienced experts with hydraulic ironworkers and the technicians take a considerable proportion of the workforce. We are equipped with new and high quality processing equipments to ensure accurate work pieces. We have integrated advanced technique from abroad and domestic and improved the control system for product quality. We have the capacity to design and develop new products.
       Our ironworkers have passed Italy IG quality control certification, which covers a dozen nations such as Britain, France, Italy and Spain and so on. Our ironworkers sell well and received high reputation among those countries.
    Jingjiang Gelinte Metalforming Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd is committed to winning customers¡¯ satisfaction.

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Tel£º0523-82618158 Fax£º0523-82618108 Linkman: Elon Gu
Add£º Baiyi Village West 5th Group, West 6 Group MaQiao Town, JingJiang Jiangsu, China  Http£º